The Secret Behind "Your Good Side"

In the age of the selfie, nearly all of us know our angle. In group photos, we clamor to be on the left or the right, head tilted just so, and the person taking the photo had better know to point from above or better yet, find a chair to stand on! But why is this so important? The answer is simple, it’s about our jawline. Whether we realize it or not, we recognize that a well-defined jawline conveys youth, health, and beauty. Even the most athletic and fit people can have a stubborn double-chin or a soft jawline. There’s no need to pin your hopes on the latest Kardashian contouring kit, now you can actually do something about it!


Belkyra (*Kybella) is a patented formulation of deoxycholic acid – in simple terms, it’s an enzyme our bodies naturally produce to breakdown digestive fats. By injecting it into the fat beneath your chin it works in the same way, breaking down the superficial fat cells which are then excreted naturally over the next several weeks. It’s an effective and proven way to permanently reduce the fat cells in the treated area with little to no downtime. To book a Belkyra Vancouver treatment, contact us now!


If your issue is more about the loss of elasticity, Ultherapy is a fantastic non-surgical option for firming up the jawline, addressing lower face laxity, and creating a lifted appearance for brows, jowls, and neck. This non-invasive treatment uses focused ultrasound technology to specifically target the deepest layers of the skin without the need for surgery and recovery time. The deep heating of the tissue tightens existing collagen while stimulating new collagen and elastin production for your ‘collagen bank’. The firming and tightening that occurs initially continues to improve over the next several months and many patients will repeat the treatment annually for optimal results. 


if you’re finally ready to look as good in person as you do in those photos, contact us to see if Belkyra and Ultherapy are right for you!

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