BBL™ (also known as Broad Band Light) is the next generation of intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy which is known as the “Gold Standard” treatment for reducing pigmentation and brightening the skin and keeping you looking “forever young”!

    This customizable treatment addresses the “browns” (age spots, sun damage, freckles) and “reds” (rosacea and broken capillaries) which combined creates dull and aged skin. With BBL™, you target pigmentation to reveal brighter, younger looking skin – turning back the clock on your skin, literally.

    Our Vancouver clinic has been performing IPL for over 15 years and our patients from all over B.C, including Delta, Richmond, Burnaby and Surrey trust us as their #1 provider for this treatment. BBL treatment, at our Vancouver location, has quickly become one of the holy grail skin care treatments.

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