111SKIN Clarity ampoules concentrate
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Clearer skin in just 1 week! 111SKIN's The Clarity Concentrate is a 7-day treatment program that works to reduce inflammation and the appearance of imperfections through a blend of active ingredients specifically formulated to address an acne-prone and blemished complexion. 

How to Use:

Place the opener onto the ampoule and break away from the body. Dispense the solution into the hands and apply onto the face and neck, patting gently in upward motions. Be sure to use the entire ampoule. 

Repeat day or night for 7 days alongside your usual skincare regime. 

-Use alongside or in place of your serum. 

-Use following cleansing and toning and before moisturizer.

Key Ingredients: 

COLLOIDAL SULPHUR: Balances natural oils and prevents congestion of the pores.

WILLOW BARK EXTRACT: A BHA that dissolves sebum within the pores, reducing the appearence of blackheads and whiteheads. 

MICROALGAE EXTRACT: Rejuvenates and soothes the skin. 


-37% Reduction in Facial Sebum*

*Average result after 14 days of use. 20 volunteers participated in an independent clinical study. A Sebumeter was used to measure the secretion of sebum in the skin after 14 days of use. 

The ampoules can be used independently or combined over a two, three or four week period with those from other collections.

Additional Information: 


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