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111SKIN Sub-Zero De-Puffing Energy Facial Mask
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Level up your morning skin care routine with this Sub-Zero De-Puffing Energy Mask from Skin111. This two-piece, full face hydrogel mask is infused with peptides, enzymes. caffeine, and a powerful tetrapeptide to help tighten, de-puff, and refresh tired looking skin! 

How to Use:

Apply middle Hydrogel layer to clean, dry skin. Wear for 20 minutes. Use up to three times per week, and for longer durations when extra hydration is needed.

Key Ingredients: 

TETRAPEPTIDE: A patented tetrapeptide complex that de-puffs. It prevents liquid water retention in the skin, as well as inhibiting collagen breakdown to fortify the complexion.

CAFFEINEA natural compound that revitalises, energises and increases microcirculation. Minimises dark circles and mild puffiness.

ALPHA GLUCOSYL HESPERIDINAn enzyme found in citrus peels that stimulates circulation in the skin. Used to de-puff, renovate and gently warm the skin.

NONAPEPTIDE: A multi-tasking peptide that stimulates mitochondrial energy, reduces oxidant damage, hydrates, depuffs and fortifies ceramides.