Diamond Ultrio
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Designed to soothe, smooth, plump, firm, hydrate, and brighten the skin, this 3 in 1 facial combines all the benefits of our Immediate Post Care, MicroMax, and Glass Therapy treatments for an unbeatably luxurious experience. 


Designed exclusively for Vancouver Laser, this treatment is the ultimate facial when it comes to skin rejuvenation.

A combination of Immediate Post Care, MicroMax, and Glass Therapy, this treatment expertly layers and builds upon our most effective methods to deliver even greater benefits. We guarantee that you will walk away with calmer, brighter, and plumper looking skin.

Have an upcoming event or feel like your skin needs a boost? Don’t settle for anything less than flawless!

How It Works

The Diamond Ultrio is a powerful multi-step treatment that effectively improves the appearance and quality of your skin by incorporating 4 signature products.

SMP Serum: Our Glass Therapy serum is applied directly to the skin one side at a time (to prevent serum from dripping downwards into the ears). Using our MicroMax Microcrystalline applicator we then punch the serum into the skin to allow for greater absorption.

Hydrogen Capture Solution: Part of our Immediate Post Care, this solution is used to promote healing, calm redness, and reduce inflammation.

Microcrystalline Technology: Our MicroMax microcrystalline technology is used to deeply penetrate and effectively treat the skin while encouraging the stimulation of collagen to repair any damage – such as acne scarring or aging skin.

Oxygen Mask: An essential part of our MicroMax treatment, our Oxygen Mask helps to deliver essential vitamins and minerals deeply into the dermis to stimulate the regrowth of new and healthy skin cells.


  • Reduces redness & irritation

  • Helps to reduce Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL)

  • Promotes skin barrier recovery 

  • Naturally firm and lift

  • Improve fine lines and wrinkles

  • Reduce acne scarring

  • Brighten and plump skin

  • Improve textural concerns

  • Induce oxygen to reduce inflammation and bacterial growth

What to Expect


60 minutes 

Recommended Sessions

1-2 sessions per month for optimal results.

After Treatment Care

For maximized healing and soothing results, follow your in-clinic post-care treatment with Dr. Braun Skincare products.

Chlo – Oct 14,2022
So luxurious!!! My friend gifted me this facial for my birthday and I am so obsessed. My skin was dewy and super even right after and It even improved the look of my acne!
Jessica S. – Oct 14,2022
I did this before a wedding and my makeup went on smoother. I got lots of compliments on my skin too :)