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Dr. Braun Miracle Hydrogel
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CATEGORIES: Cream & Hydrators
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Miracle Hydrogel, from Dr. Braun Skincare, is like a luxurious drink of water for your skin! This unique product used proprietary hydration delivery technology to provide long-lasting moisture and skin barrier repair.

Miracle Hydrogel has a 2D web-like water structure comprised of the purest medical-grade ingredients. This gel delivers hydration and nutrients deep into the skin which results in a healthier and more radiant-looking complexion.

With a skin-neutral pH balance of 5.5, Miracle Hydrogel is effective at stimulating skin cell growth and provides soothing and cooling effects to irritated, laser-treated or sunburnt skin.


Contains hypoallergenic lavender oil as an antimicrobial

Soothes and cools irritated skin

Ideal for all skin types

pH balanced


Pure Aloe Vera Gel


Hypoallergenic Lavender Oil 


Dr. Braun Skincare Miracle Hyaluronic Acid Gel

Tinax – Oct 14,2022
I have been fighting acne, redness and inflammation for so long. I didn't think this product would honestly do anything but it has been my lifesaver. I wear it as lip balm too. Doesn't break me out or feel tacky on the skin!
Natalia – Oct 14,2022
My skin is very sensitive, it was so hard to find the moisturizer that will suit my skin( all the moisturizer i tried before made my skin oily, or red), but Miracle Hyaluronic Gel it's my go to. It's hydrates, smooth, and gives that fresh shine.