ZO® Skin Health

Exfoliating Cleanser by ZO®
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An incredible exfoliating cleanser that gently removes excess oil and pore-clogging impurities while hydrating and soothing your skin. This cleanser contains encapsulated Vitamin E to promote hydration and avoid drying and stripping the skin. It also provides antioxidant protection!


Removes dead skin cells & unclogs pores

Calms and soothes irritated skin

Removes surface oils and targets tissue impurities

Stimulates collagen production

Contains antioxidants and is an anti-irritant

Use A.M. & P.M.



Cruelty to animals



Jojoba Microbeads – Gently exfoliates the dead skin cells

Niacinamide – Brightening antioxidant

Encapsulated Vitamin E – Antioxidant

2 % Salicylic acid – Promotes chemical exfoliation to keep pores clear & dissolves keratin build up

Lipopeptide-myristol pentappeptide – 8 – Stimulates collagen production

Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil – Antioxidants & anti-irritant benefits

Glowing Goddess – Oct 22,2021
The little blue exfoliating beads help penetrate and cleanse the skin so thoroughly. I tend to have oily skin, so this product works very well for me.
Leanne – Oct 13,2021
So happy I tried this cleanser. Feel like my face never been so clean. Medical grade products really matter.
Ryan – Oct 13,2021
The best cleanser of all time. You feel so fresh and squeaky clean. Highly recommend.