Fire & Ice Facial
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This facial combines different active solutions that get penetrated deep into the epidermis, creating a lymphatic hydrating massage and radio frequency energy to stimulate the collagen around the eyes. Our three step facial includes our JetPeel, ThermiSmooth & SMP Infusion for a luxurious result. 

Jet Peel: 

One of the highlights of our treatment is our JetPeel technology that we use for lymphatic drainage to detoxify the skin and promote microcirculation. This pressurized air treatment infuses nourishing and hydrating serums, providing gentle exfoliation and resurfacing with a powerful combination of mandelic and salicylic acids. The result is radiant, fresher and more vibrant skin.


ThermiSmooth uses radio-frequency energy around the eyes to stimulate collagen remodeling, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and increase blood flow, leaving you looking more awake and refreshed.

SMP Infusion: 

We apply our SMP serum to lock in hydration deeply in the skin to avoid TEWL (transepidermal water loss). To ensure maximum penetration and prevent any moisture loss, we use a heat mask and towel wraps. Our ultrasound wand further enhances the infusion of the serums and ensures that they penetrate deeper into your skin for a truly luxurious experience.


  • Depuff the skin 

  • Increase collagen production

  • Long lasting glow and hydration 

  • Lymphatic massage stimulates facial muscles and blood microcirculation for a young, healthy appearance.