Glass Therapy
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Bouncy and luminous skin is just a treatment away! 


At Vancouver Laser, we developed an exclusive treatment that deeply penetrates the skin to combat dehydration, fine-lines and dullness. Considered the “needle-less” version of Introfill, giving you the same benefits without the down-time (with the required sessions). This is also the perfect add-on to Thermage, Ultherapy and even a Hydrafacial for a red carpet look!.

This luxurious treatment penetrates with a variation of hydrating molecules into the skin which will smooth, plump and firm the skin. The hydrating molecules have a low molecular weight, which also refers to the size and mass of the molecules and allows it to penetrate easily into the skin. 

Most treatments with a higher molecular weight cannot be absorbed due to its size causing it to just sit on top of the skin. Glass Therapy helps the function of our skin externally by providing essential hydrating ingredients to our skin cells to boost the skin barrier function, calm inflammation and lock in hydration to prevent TEWL (trans epidermal water loss).

How It Works

The small molecular polysaccharides are deeply penetrated and locked into the skin to provide thorough hydration, long-lasting moisture and protection from environmental irritants. A warm compress method is performed to soften the skin and ensure the deepest possible penetration while improving blood circulation. 

A second application of the Molecular Polysaccharides is applied to target specifically extreme dry areas that have already absorbed all the treatments and need more hydration. Our Tissue Microclysmic Hydrogel has a special spider-web structure and is applied to the skin to deliver an enormous amount of hydration into the skin to assist in reparation, redness and inflammation.


  • Long lasting hydration 

  • Delivers Deep Skin Penetration 

  • Helps to reduce Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL)

  • Promotes skin barrier recovery 

  • Suitable for all skin types 

What to Expect


60 minutes 

After Treatment Care

For maximized healing and soothing results, follow your in-clinic post-care treatment with Dr. Braun Skincare products.

Nicole – Oct 19,2022
This treatment makes your skin well hydrated and glow!
Christina – Oct 14,2022
very relaxing and leaves my skin looking super hydrated and glowy! Great before an event