ZO® Skin Health

Growth Factor Serum by ZO®
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Growth Factor Serum is a lightweight formula that supports collagen & elastin production for increased skin density. This plant-based growth factor serum combines retinol and amino acids to stimulate cellular function, reduce collagen degradation and restore elasticity while protecting against future signs of aging.


Enhances the production of collagen & hyaluronic acid

Fights free radical damage

Softens the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles

Strengthens the skin and acts as a building block for stronger protocols

Promotes healthy cell renewal

Tightens, tones & firms the skin



Cruelty to animals



Disodium acetyl glucosamine phosphate & fermented red ginseng extract – Helps to restore hydration, elasticity & firmness

ZPRO® – Helps prevent future signs of aging

Retinol – Firms the skin & helps even the skin tone

Buddleja stem cell – Helps prevent future signs of aging

Beta glucan & angelica polymorpha Sinensis root extract – Calms & soothes irritated skin

Lara C – Nov 24,2022
I love this product - I seriously feel like I wake up with smoother and younger looking skin instantly. It's like a miracle worker, I will forever have this in my skincare drawer
Lizi – Oct 19,2022
I love this product!!!! definitely recommend to use for your anti-aging after a tightening treatment like Ulthera and Thermage !!!
Nicole F. – Oct 22,2021
This serum is the BEST, makes my skin glow!
Jessie – Oct 18,2021
Amazing product!!!