Miracle Hydrogel + Hyaluronic Acid Gel + B5
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Dr. Braun Miracle Hydrogel

Miracle Hydrogel, from Dr. Braun Skincare, is like a luxurious drink of water for your skin! This unique product used proprietary hydration delivery technology to provide long-lasting moisture and skin barrier repair.

Miracle Hydrogel has a 2D web-like water structure comprised of the purest medical-grade ingredients. This gel delivers hydration and nutrients deep into the skin which results in a healthier and more radiant-looking complexion.

With a skin-neutral pH balance of 5.5, Miracle Hydrogel is effective at stimulating skin cell growth and provides soothing and cooling effects to irritated, laser-treated or sunburnt skin.

Dr. Braun Miracle Hyaluronic Acid

Miracle Hyaluronic Acid Gel contains 2% pure Hyaluronic Acid gel that is designed to deliver long-lasting, nutrient-packed hydration.

With scientifically developed "water-locking" technology this small molecular wonder is a powerhouse in retaining moisture and preventing trans-epidermal water loss.

Dr. Braun Miracle B5 Serum

Miracle B5 Serum, from Dr. Braun Skincare, is a patented, super-potent formulation of the most advanced and pure ingredients.

With a unique waterless formulation and a 5% concentration of vitamin B5, every drop of this Miracle Serum is packed with nutrients for cellular repair and prolonged hydration.