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Oil Control Pads Acne Treatment by ZO®
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Oil Control Pads Acne Treatment help clear acne & prevent new breakouts with invigorating oil-fighting ingredients. These pads remove surface oil, normalize pore size and help smooth the skin’s surface while the anti-irritant ingredients reduce inflammation.


Reduces oiliness and minimizes surface oils

Provides chemical and mechanical exfoliation

Exfoliates and removes dead skin cells

Helps control and prevent breakouts

Deep cleans congested pores

Contains effective antimicrobial elements

Calms and soothes irritated skin & reduces redness



Cruelty to animals



Glycolic Acid – Epidermal exfoliant

Salicylic acid 2% – Acne medication

Rosa canina fruit extract – Anti-irritant that soothes and reduces redness and has antioxidant benefits

Mandelic acid – Exfoliates and brightens to reduce PIH

Witch hazel leaf extract – Reduces inflammation

Urea – Helps restore moisture and hydration

SkinCare Junkie – Oct 16,2021
I don't have acne... because of this product.
Helen – Oct 13,2021
helps stop spread of acne and exfoliates a bit. good to use day and night!