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Sylfirm Glow
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It’s Glow Time! 

The Best Choice for Radiant Skin - Sylfirm Glow safely targets abnormal vessels and cells that contribute to unwanted pigmentation, rosacea, melasma, and overall dullness. By creating controlled micro-wounds, Sylfirm Glow stimulates the production of fresh new collagen through triggering your body’s own natural healing response. The result is fresher, healthier, and more radiant skin. 

Sylfirm Glow on Targeting Melasma

Sylfirm’s ability to safely and effectively target melasma is a major advantage over other radiofrequency microneedling devices currently on the market! 

Melasma can affect any part of your skin that is exposed to sunlight, and is very difficult to treat. It appears most commonly on your cheeks, nose, chin, above the lip, and on the forehead. 

While broadband light treatments such as BBL or IPL are another good option for addressing this form of stubborn pigmentation, Sylfirm X uses a pulse wave mode to target damaged skin cells without affecting the healthy areas of skin around them. Basically, it precisely treats the root cause of your melasma, and helps to decrease the chances of it recurring. 

Emma – Oct 14,2022
My results from this treatment were basically instant. The immediate post care facial added on at the end made all the difference. If you're looking for a medium intensity microneedling treatment, this is the one!
chelsea – Oct 13,2022
SO AMAZING!! my skin has been glowing since my treatment, it was a bit uncomfortable but beauty is pain so it is worth it. can't wait for my next treatments!!!!