Vitamin Therapy
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The therapeutic benefits of IV therapy are far more superior than those from oral supplements because they bypass the digestive system with intravenous administration and allow for a greater absorption! 

The Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre offer many fantastic IV Therapy cocktails to infuse essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants directly into the blood stream.

How It Works

Super antioxidants such as Glutathione assist in boosting the immune system and and cleansing your vital organs. They also help to create a more balanced complexion by brightening pigmented skin, such as melasma, and clearing the body of the free radicals and toxins.

Vitamin C can brighten and lighten the skin while protecting against colds and flus. Vitamin B12 aids in preventing a variety of disorders that are detrimental to the health and well-being of many people, this deficiency is often evident if you have a vegetarian or vegan diet.

The therapeutic benefits of IV therapy are far superior than those from oral supplements as bypassing the digestive system with intravenous administration allows for a greater absorption.


Helps reduce free radical and toxins in the blood and liver 

Helps reduce the dark color of melasma and hyperpigmentation 

Safe for all skin types 

Help rehydrate the skin and body

What to Expect


20 to 60 minutes 

Recommended Sessions

The frequency of treatment is dependent on your choice of cocktail, current health status, and the type of condition we are treating you for

After Treatment Care

Drink water, get lots of rest, eat healthy and wear sunscreen

Kim – Oct 19,2022
My go-to whenever I feel a cold coming or when I just feel tired. Instant energy booster, I wish I had time to come every week!!
Lizi – Oct 19,2022
I love Vitawork! my favourite treatment to heal from hangover, fatigue, and stressed body!!!
Amie. R – Oct 15,2022
My favourite and go to treatment when I am feeling under the weather. I feel improvement in my immune system. Recommended to make it a monthly visit.
Olga – Oct 14,2022
Helps me a lot in a Fall season!!! Have more energy and feel much better. Totally recommend.