CoolSculpting® Promotion

CoolSculpting® Promotion

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The phrase “If you can squeeze it, we can freeze it” is our mantra – we love helping transform and sculpt people into the clothes they love by killing their fat cells for good! With over 7 million treatments performed worldwide, CoolSculpting® is the most trusted non-surgical fat reduction treatment.

Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre is the highest level CoolSculpting® clinic and is one of the few providers that offers DualSculpting® – the ability to treat two areas at once! With 10 CoolSculpting® machines and a complimentary Zimmer ZWave treatment with each session, our team of 2 CoolSculpting® Masters and 12 Specialists are ready to assist you.

This advanced body contouring procedure is approved by both the FDA and Health Canada and is an ideal non-surgical alternative to Liposuction.


  • Effective non-surgical reduction of stubborn fat pockets
  • The most current technology to save you time and provide the safest treatments
  • Complimentary ZWave treatment with each session
  • No needles or incisions
  • No anesthesia required
  • None to minimal downtime
  • Only the fat cells are destroyed, the surrounding tissue remains unharmed
  • Permanent results because fat cells do not regenerate


The CoolSculpting® procedure uses a precisely controlled cooling process known as Cryolipolysis® to freeze unwanted fat deposits almost anywhere on the body. Fat cells are more sensitive to the cold than other surrounding cells so as the fat cells are frozen and destroyed; the skin, nerves and other tissues are left unharmed. Once the fat cells are eliminated, they are gone for good! This isn’t a hall pass to fall off the wagon but it is the most effortless way to complement a healthy lifestyle.

Your visit to Vancouver Laser for CoolSculpting® can take up to one hour per session – the perfect amount of time to watch a Netflix show while you browse through our CoolSculpting® snack menu.



Around 45 minutes per treatment area

Recommended Sessions

Every 8 weeks per application until desired results are achieved

After Treatment Care

Drink lots of fluids