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Unlock your fitness potential

Burn fat and build muscle at the same time with no effort on your part. Confidence isn’t a coincidence and even the best of us may need a quick start of lift.


  • FDA cleared and scientifically proven
  • 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat (shown in clinical studies)
  • 25% increase in muscle mass (shown in clinical studies)
  • Two therapies in a single treatment
  • Very safe with no downtime and no anesthesia
  • Improves the shape of the stomach, buttocks and/or arms
  • Roughly equivalent to 12-16 weeks of HIIT
  • New Beauty Award Winner 2021 – Best Muscle Toner & Fat Reducer
  • Perfect pairing with Coolsculpting® and Lipodissolve


EMSculpt Neo® is the world’s first and only technology that uses Radiofrequency and HIFEM+ (high intensity electromagnetic field) to eliminate fat and build muscles non-invasively.

Fat Breakdown: In less than 4 minutes, the temperature in fat reaches levels that cause their permanent damage.

Muscle Warm-Up: The muscle temperature rises by several degrees, similar to what a warm-up activity does before any workout.

Supramximal Contraction: Muscles in the treated area are contracted at intensities that are not achievable during routine exercise.

After Treatment: The fat cells are slowly removed from the body and the strained muscle fibres initiate growth process. This results in fat elimination and muscle building.

EMSculpt Neo® reduces fat by 30% and increase muscle by 25% on average. You can sculpt your abdomen, buttocks, arms and legs.

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