Rozatrol™ by ZO®


Rozatrol® is a daily treatment that addresses Rosacea by relieving dryness and reducing redness. This product is also great for sensitive and oily skin as it helps to suppress inflammation. The multi-modal daily serum also encourages skin stabilization resulting in brighter more, even-toned and healthy skin.

Remember that the sun can increase a Rosacea flare up by up to 80% so be sure to wear an SPF.

  • Reduces & controls excess oils
  • Minimizes inflammation and redness
  • Offers enzymatic ultra-mild exfoliation
  • Contains amino acids that support optimal micro-circulation
  • Replenishes hydration
  • Lactose – Minimizes redness
  • Farnesyl Acetate – Reduces oil
  • Papain – Provides gentle enzymatic exfoliation to improve texture and tone
  • ZO RRS2™ – Plant stem cell complex for antioxidant protection
  • Glycerin – Promotes hydration
  • Azailic acid – Reduces the redness

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